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Accurat MEASURE helps to prove impact
in terms of actual store visits

One of today’s main challenges for marketing is to prove the efforts of their media spent. Attribution across channels is hard, but possible as location based intelligence offers ways to measure the impact on actual, offline behaviour and thus metrics to prove impact.

Accurate location intelligence as a power house for attribution

Marketing teams work hard to stimulate specific behaviour. Most of the time impact is most easily proven by location intelligence as advertisers often focus on stimulating users to visit a store, go to a fair, join an event… all measurable offline behaviour.


Proving impact is not a black and white game. Our ATTRIBUTE algorithms are constantly finetuned by adding more and more accurate data. Avoiding false positives and negatives is a continuous goal of our engineering teams.

Our control audiences provide ground truth

The basis to define impact is to measure deviations between your exposed ad audiences and control audiences – comparable segments that were not exposed to your ads. The higher the deviation, the higher the attribution score.


Comparing today’s results with last year’s is ignoring the impact of context and ever-changing behaviour. Deviations between today‘s reached and today‘s control audiences are calculated, only that difference can be attributed.

Track even folders or (D)OOH channels using accurat’s cross-media attribution

Our SDK provides first party data which implicates you known exactly who you are targeting in your app and across channels. Adding campaign efforts – even folder drops or (D)OOH – for every media channel a user reaches, allows to follow-up on its impact.


By adding all channels that touch your users, Accurat’s multi-touch attribution algorithms provide the right degree of impact to every single channel. You will learn that some channels might work better for some audiences.

Grab attribution insights to share with your tools

Accurat provides developers with an easy-to-integrate API so all attribution insights we collect are shared with the tools you already use today or in case you want to start building your own dashboards on top.


Attribution is about comparing tons of data. We deliver the bulk data we collect or the aggregated insights via our mParticle integration. Connect attribution tools like Adjust, Kochava or Appsflyer with ease.

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