Understand what our SDK and location intelligence solution means for retail brands and publishers.

Accurat PUBLISH turns all your channels
in a personalisation powerhouse

Tracking app users’ constant behaviour allows our algorithms to understand users and analyse their behavioural patterns. Those insights provide valuable input to improve your content publishing efforts to improve users’ overall feeling of “time well spent” cross-channel.

Tailor your content based on users’ current or frequent locations

Our SDK knows precisely where your users are, helping you to tailor your content on a regional or even local level. Multiple cases become a possibility like regional news, local weather updates, traffic jam reminders or involving people with local events.


Instead of asking people’s work or home location, or relying on IP-based alternatives, our algorithms can you tell about the favourite locations of users based on a thorough understanding of their whereabouts. 

Predict the mindstate of users to tailor your offering

Know when someone is leaving for work in the morning, when he or she is in a traffic jam, in a daily commute, ready for a weekly run activity or relaxed at home. 


Some content is better consumed when the setting is right. Understanding mindstates helped our customers provide the right content based on a user’s specific mindstate yielding improved impact. 

(Re)move the clutter and focus on your readers’ affinities & preferences

Real-world behaviour reveals a lot about a user’s preferences. Tailor content to match the audiences a user belongs to like being a movie-goer, a frequent luncher, someone sportive, having kids or travelling a lot. 


In times of over-information, relevancy is key. Our affinity audience insights help to tailor content in such a way, users will click and read instead of scroll and leave. 

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