Understand what our SDK and location intelligence solution means for retail brands and publishers.

The many user benefits of location intelligence

The many user benefits of location intelligence

Accurat offers location based intelligence solutions for retail brands, publishers and media companies. The benefits of the solution from a B2B point of view are most of the times pretty clear. As permissions (both GDPR consent and a technical mobile OS permission) are required, the user benefit needs to be crystal clear in order to convince app users to opt in.

This post gives an overview of different categories of use cases. For some apps, one use case is sufficient to have users opt in, for other brands the combination of different use cases will be required.

Here we go…

“Never miss a benefit”

Often used by retail, QSR & loyalty programs.

The typical geofence triggered benefit to drive local traffic

To offer a coupon, a reminder of a temporary sale or reminding the newest collection has landed in stores is the easiest location-based benefit for most apps and its app users. Loyal customers opt in to receive message when they are nearby a store, on a shopping trip or via our behavioural based triggers such as “heading for lunch”.

Better content & ads

Often used by publishers & content rich apps.

Clear examples highlight the user benefits of improved content & ads

Offline behaviour profiling based on a user’s whereabouts, unlocks insights for over 20 categories, calculates loyalty parameters such as frequency, churn for 600+ brands and provides behavioural insights about a user’s leisure, commuting or even professional preferences.

It is the best source for optimizing both content and ads as a publisher. Highlighting this benefit is best supported with clear examples (“we sort content based on your location and preferences like favourite stores, your leisure preferences like your favourite soccer club etc.”) and by highlighting the alternative (“You receive an equal amount of ads, but they are not tailored to your profile”).

Offering offline benefits to users, provided by advertisers when near their stores, is already offered by international publishers as an additional service to both users and advertisers.

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