Understand what our SDK and location intelligence solution means for retail brands and publishers.

Improved shopper impact via our retail-focused solution

We help retail & publishers improve media impact via real-world behaviour insights


Accurat tracks +200.000 mobile app users on a daily basis & delivers an SDK to start tracking your own app users.


Our algorithms profile app users in actionable segments, predict behaviour & attribute impact.


Publishers improve advertising impact  & retailers turn audience insights into actual foot traffic and direct adimpact


Location intelligence in practice

Our SDK is implemented by our publisher partners in their mobile app. It is the best way to enable the benefits of location intelligence as it allows us to track hundreds of thousands of users every day. Next, we turn our cookies of the real world into action – from who to reach, to proven impact. 

Artificial Intelligence is not just a buzzword…

Accurat provides a suite of proprietary algorithms and machine learning technologies that puts the benefits of location intelligence at your fingertips

Our proprietary algorithms automatically appoint users to a diverse set of segments, based on their offline behaviour.

Discover SEGMENT

Our prediction algorithms compare actual with expected behaviour and calculate the probabilities of events happening.

Discover PREDICT

Act on the segment & prediction insights to create personalized content or better targeted (location based) ads.

Discover IMPACT

Prove impact by using our attribution technology to match your audiences’ behaviour with our control audiences.


Discover our solutions for retail brands & publishers


Turning offline behaviour into actionable insights

We connect user, location and context data to improve the understanding of the real world behaviour of many app users. Whether brands rely on our data, want to add their own via our API or want to collect data from users via our SDK, we have got things covered.


Improving impact

A mix of retail brands rely on our solutions

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We track over 500 brands in Belgium and integrate our SDK in major publishers’ apps. Want to integrate our solution or get tailored insights about your audience? Whether you are a brand or a publisher, get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk you through a demo.

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